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Inflatable Boat Maintenance


Hypalon is the most known material and the most resistant. It exists several thicknesses of Hypalon which are chosen by the manufacturer according to the length of the boat. The structure of rubber fabric is:

  • An external layer made up of a Hypalon® rubber.
  • An internal layer made up of a rubber neoprene (between external and internal layer is inserted fabrics textile (polyester – polyamide)).

The Hypalon® neoprene resists to U.V and it is resistant in time.


It is used by famous brands because it is easily manufacturing. This fabric is part of the family of the plastomers. Entirely resulting from a chemical mixture, it is also composed of a support polyester on which is lying a PVC coating on its two faces. Its chemical composition allows a large variety in the colours and its mass industrialization makes it possible to decrease its price. On the other hand, it is slightly less resistant to U.V and present a little less flexibility compared to Neoprene-Hypalon.


  1. PARBATT`: Cleans easily and perfectly fenders and inflatable boat marked by carbon fouling, smoke stains, rubber deposits and greasy residues. Moreover, PARBATT’ brings back shine to treated surface.

It does not attack light alloys such chromium, anodised aluminium surfaces and is based on tensioactive vegetable extracts of easily renewable origin.

Instructions of use: The product must be used pur. Rub with a soft sponge and rinse.

  1. S.T.20: Removes quickly vegetable pollutions such as seaweeds, moss, mildews on the hypalon, the neoprene and the P.V.C. Allows to devitalize plant cells and destroy microorganisms responsible for the degradation of the hypalon, neoprene and P.V.C. Contains whitening agents which allow to bring back to inflatable boat their original color. Removes green and black spots and it is ready to use.

Instruction of use: Apply with a paint brush. Let act 15 minutes (Never work in direct sunlight). Rub with a soft brush and rinse.

  1. PROTECTOR FOR INFLATABLES: It is a glosser protector ready to use which deposits a hydrophobic protective film delaying the incrustation of the stains and giving back brightness to the treated surface. Does not contain silicone. Brings back shine. Prevents P.V.C. or Hypalon from cracking, fading and discoloring.

Instructions of use: Degrease and clean the surface to be treated. Apply with a nonfluffy dry rag. Let dry.

  1. CRAQUY: It is a powerful pickle which contains inhibitors. Pickles perfectly the propellers, the shaft gears, the base plates and the hulls. Makes it possible to pickle the inflatables without any attack of PVC, hypalon or néoprene. As it is a freezing, does not make streaks. Removes barnacles, zebra mussels and algae easily.

Instructions of use: Apply CRAQUY with a brush or a roller paint. Let act 20 minutes to several hours. Rinse with a water jet or a water compressor.

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