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Teak Maintenance


The product corresponding to the cleaning is the SUN TECK or the TECK NET.

SUN TECK removes dirt and stains of grease. Instructions for use: Must be diluted before use: 1 litre of product for 3 to 5 litres of water. First, wet the teak deck. Apply the dilution on the teak, wait 15 minutes and rinse. Do not rub your deck. Coverage: 5-7m2/ltr

TECK NET is a stain remover specially developed to remove greasy marks from teak. TECK NET removes quickly accidental marks on teak deck, without affecting the texture of the wood. TECK NET absorbs the stains quickly, allowing the cleaning solvents to disappear through evaporation and a light brushing. TECK NET does not leave a ring or any other mark on the teak. Instructions for use: TECK NET is used as follows: Shake the aerosol can before spraying. Spray in short bursts about 15 cm from the teak. Wait until dry and the solvent ring has disappeared, the, brush lightly. If the head of the aerosol gets blocked, wash it under water.


You will have to apply the BRIGHT TECK. Why this second stage immediately after the first? In order to obtain an optimum result. In fact, the cleaning allowed you to remove spots of greasy. It is important to bring back to your teak its original color by removing black spots concerned with the bad weather and the saline air, which denature its colour.

BRIGHT TECK has a very powerful penetrating action. It restores teak decks to their original colour. Use immediately after SUN TECK. Instructions for use: Must be diluted before use: 1 litre of product for 3 to 5 litres of water. Wet teak and apply the dilution evenly with a soft brush. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not rub. Rinse abundantly. Coverage: 5-7 m2/ltr


After this treatment, you could apply an oil for teak. Teak is a soft wood, which is drained with time. It is thus necessary to oil it which will nourish it and protect it from the ultraviolet rays. The corresponding products are the GOLDEN OIL and the WONDER OIL.

WONDER OIL TECK has been developed to preserve the warm and natural tone of teak and exotic woods. It protects teak against bleaching and fouling for many months. It is a colourless oil. Instructions of use: Apply with a paint brush or a non-fluffy duster. Apply 2 coats at right angles to saturate the surface. Wait until the first coast is dry to apply the second. Coverage: 8-10 m2/ltr

GOLDEN OIL allows to accentuate the grain’s wood. It protects teak and other woods against bleaching and fouling for many months. Instructions of use: Apply with a paint brush or a non-fluffy duster. Apply 2 coats to saturate the support (always in the wood direction). The 2nd coat must be applied when the 1st coat is dry. Coverage: 8-10 m2/ltr


MATTCO is a sealer for teak slightly amber. It is free from resins and synthetic polymers and prevents mildew and delays the biological degradation of wood by micro-organisms. It does not scale, does not yellow and does not crack. It contains UV protection. It nourishes teak and brings back the hot tone of teak. It is used pure. Apply to the paint brush on a cleaned, dusted and perfectly dry teak. Well shake the bottle before use. Apply a 1st uniform and regular thin coat in the direction of the wood at an ambient temperature of minimum 15°C. Wait for a few moments and apply a 2nd coat always in the direction of the wood. Under normal circumstances the teak should be dry to the touch in 30 minutes approximately. The maximal protection is effective after 12 hours at a room temperature of 20°C (Cool and damp weather slows down the time of drying). Indicative coverage: +/- 10m2/ltr.

To sum up, the sealer MATTCO is a product 2 in 1 allowing to nourrish and protect the teak. It is thus an oil and a saturator. Its technical characteristics are:

– Water-repellent « waterproof»


-Anti-U.V. protection




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