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Rust Removing

In river and sea water, the hull yellows in the course of years. This yellow film, especially marked at water line, is due to the reverberation of the ultra-violet rays on the gelcoat or paint (if you hull is painted), to the algae proliferation on the water line, to the run-outs of rust to the feet of the stanchions…

The colorless semi-gel CLEANBAT GEL is applied to the brush or the roller paint on the hull. It eliminates quickly and easily all rust and yellow stains on gelcoat without any vapor emissions. Thanks to its gel texture, this product hangs perfectly on the vertical surfaces and does not run on the antifouling. It is useless to do several layers of product, once surface is covered, let it act for about fifteen minutes. No mechanical action is necessary. Then, rinse with the water jet.

For the accessible occasional run-outs of rust without needing to careen the boat such run-outs on the level of the ribs and the stanchions, spray the rust with the ready to use ANTI-RUST directly on the spots. It removes rust on gelcoat and painted surfaces. Passivates treated surfaces by phosphatizing. Makes it possible to avoid oxidation formation under the paint. Well shake the bottle. Wet the surface to be treated. Spray on rust stains. Let act a few minutes then rinse. In the event of rust stains on painted surfaces, we advise you to renew the operation.

Finally, today we observe that the rust spots also appear very quickly on stainless steel. With NETTINOX, it is possible to bring back shine in a few minutes to your stainless steel without any effort. It should be noted that NETTINOX removes rust spots and its neutralizing action allows to avoid further oxidation. Protect the restored shine of your stainless steel by using PROTYNOX which is a glosser ready to use which leaves a protecting film on the stainless steel surface and protects the surface from rust and corrosion. Moreover, it brings back shinning on treated surface. First, clean the surface to be treated. Apply PROTYNOX with a non-fluffy rag and let it dry. Do it one time by month.


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