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November 2020

80% of Vendée Globe boats teams select Nautix paints

The 9th edition of the Vendée Globe started this Sunday 8th November from Les Sables d’Olonne. The greatest sailing race round the world, solo, non-stop and without assistance is being contested this year by 33 international skippers.

80% of the 2020 Vendée Globe fleet uses Nautix paints
such as A4T.Speed antifouling, White T.Speed sliding paint or the special
EXCLUSIVE FLUORO keel and rudder antifouling A9T.Speed.
Our T.Speed formulations are recognised as essential in the field of ocean racing for their gliding and antifouling properties.
Theentire Nautix team is closely following the 24,296 nautical miles (44,996 km) to be covered by these intrepid skippers.
Nautix is partner of 6 racing teams:
• Thomas Ruyant / LinkedOut
• Jean Le Cam / Yes We Cam !
• Romain Attanasio / Pure Best Western
• Clarisse Crémer / Banque Populaire X
• Damien Seguin / Apicil
• Maxime Sorel / V&B Mayenne

“Yes We Cam” Hull in full Nautix system

Jean Le Cam target’s was to operate a light refit before the Vendée. After a sanding operation by King Jean’s worker bees, the following system was applied :

PE Thin Epoxy Primer for the paint adhesion (applied in one coat)

✔A4T.Speed Antifouling (2 coats)

For the rudders, the system is exactly the same, adding 2 coats of A9T.Speed for safety
(fluorescent paint).

For the keel, to protect the metallic structure:

Epoxyguard Epoxy Primer in 4 layers to protect
✔ PE primer for the paint adhesion
✔ A4T.Speed White Antifouling for the undercoat
✔ A9T.Speed Antifouling
On the deck: L2 light grey marine lacquer mixed with Nautix non-skid powder (medium
type). Nautix Grip has been applied in the cockpit.
King Jean’s best kept secret: in order to optimise his speed, especially at heel, the
boat’s topsides are in White T.Speed paint.

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