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June 2021

Non-skid paint : which one to choose?

Deck Grip: 1-pack paint for refit. Opaque, easy to apply and quick drying, it will allow a good grip of the feet without damaging the clothes. Available in white or light grey, it is low gloss to limit the effect of reflection. Good value for money.

Grip Additive: non-slip beads mixed with single or two-component enamel. This solution makes it easy to choose the colour while adjusting the type of grip and durability. The 2-pack solution is preferred for more durability. Nautix offers 2 types of beads: medium or hard.
Medium: sitting or sail storage areas.
Hard: high traffic areas or areas requiring a good foot grip

Nautix Grip: ready-to-use, two-component, transparent non-skid paint. This solution is the one that gives the most grip. Widely used on sailboards, this paint is recommended for cockpits. However, beware of abrasion of raincoats and skin.

In all cases, the preparation of the surface and especially the application are essential. If the paint is too thin or too tight, the beads will jump. A poor mixing ratio will result in a slippery surface.

The non-slip efficiency can be improved by applying 2 coats.

VIDEO : How to apply a non-slip paint

We invite you to discover in video how to apply a non-slip paint on your boat’s deck.

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