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The upcoming racing season finds Tamumm Tamumm GRE1265 Renewed and Ready!

New Season 2021, New Expectations and New Targets for the Renewed Tamumm GRE1265!*

Tamumm GRE1265, after its annual maintenance, is ready to plunge into the European seas. The crew plans to be a part of more than 20 races until the end of the racing season 2021. So, with the annual rebuilding in motion, Tamumm’s sailing team chose the new keel shade.

This year the chosen color for the keel is … fuchsia or, in other worlds, bold pink!

The crew, determined and ready to be the center of attention this, hopefully, successful season, started the dry docking early in the year. Tamumm remained on land for 10 weeks. During this time, there was a complete refit, which included the annual maintenance, painting of the deck and keel, replacement of old equipment and of course the upkeep of the existing one.

After the launching, the only thing that is left are the final details . Thus, Tamumm sailing team is ready to begin preparations for the 2021-2022 season. One of the entries this year will be the Pan-European Championship located in Capri, Italy, which will take place May 11th-21th 2021, for which intensive training had already begun and will be continued once the safety regulations against COVID-19 have been lifted.

This impressive result was achieved with the help of Nautix A9 PinkFluo, a fluorescent-based hard matrix antifouling, used often, not only as a very helpful way for coastguard to localize capsized boats but for its friction reduction as well. Nautix A9 T.Speed PinkFluo,  is part of the large family of Nautix; a French-based company in which the exclusive Greek importer is MarineShop ANAGNOSTOPOULOS.

Besides the fluorescent paint, Nautix A9 T.Speed PinkFluo, was chosen as it aids to drastically reduce the chance of micro-organisms adhering, while increasing aquaculture, which is a ‘must’ for racing boats. Of course, there’s no doubt about whether Tamumm will be the focus of attention the coming season, as the only sure thing is that Nautix A9 T.Speed ​​Pink Fluo guarantees to draw the main attention.

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*Unfortunately, as a precautionary measure due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Tamumm sailing team will not participate in any 2020 future racing events, until further notice.

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