General Terms of Sales

The sales of the company by the name “ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE” are managed, unless otherwise agreed in writing, by the following essential conditions:

  1. The place where the sales contract is drawn up is considered to be Aghios Ioannis Rentis or Thessaloniki, namely the headquarters of the “ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE” or the branch of Thessaloniki.
  2. Any price or price list announced to the buyer prior to a sale may be changed and given for information purposes only. Prices are agreed at the time of sale. All prices offered are in Euro and do not include VAT, and/or any other costs (e.g. transportation).
  3. Goods travel on behalf of and at the risk of the buyer. Risks in the transport of goods are covered by the buyer.
  4. In the event of a defect in a product or lack of agreed properties or deviations from its specifications from the agreed, “ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE” may either replace the products or refund the price, provided the Buyer has sent a written notice within five (5) working days from the date on which a defect or the lack of an agreed status occurred, and provided that it did not interfere with the products so that it enters an worse than the one that received it. In addition to this obligation, “ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE” has no liability for compensation to Buyer. If this five (5) working day passes, “ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE” considers that the buyer has accepted the quantity, quality and prices of the goods sold under this invoice.
  5. The buyer must understand the suitability of the product he has purchased with this invoice for the intended use and assumes the risk and responsibility for its inappropriate use. “ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE” assumes no responsibility for the inappropriate use of the product. The sole responsibility of “ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE” is to replace any quantity of the product that will prove to be defective.
  6. The sales of “ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE” are paid either by cash deposit or by check and only when the latter is collected. In particular, only a credit of a specific amount of time indicated on the invoice of each sale may be agreed.
  7. Delay for the purchaser to pay the invoice shall bear the consequences of default without notice from the day following the date on which the invoice was issued or, as the case may be, from the day following the end of the due day of the end of the credit. The “ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE” is also entitled to seek a discount granted to the purchaser by issuing additional invoices for the value of the deduction, demanding immediate repayment and other invoices of the buyer whose value has been credited, and unilaterally canceling backlog orders.
  8. The same as the above results will be issued in any change in the legal position of the acquirer, such as the transfer or dissolution of his business, his death, incapacity, suspension or suspension of payments, the enforcement of a charge against him, etc.
  9. The recovery of part of the purchaser’s debts only by ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE does not remove its late payment in respect of the remaining amount due, nor does it mean its resignation from its other rights.
  10. In order to resolve any dispute between ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE and a buyer arising out of the sales contract, only the Courts of Piraeus are competent.
  11. For the online store of “ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE” available on the “” page, the above terms and conditions apply except for payment by check.
  12. Bank accounts: ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE

National Bank of Greece

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Peireus Bank

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Alpha Bank

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  • The information and in particular the instructions concerning the application and end-use of “ANAGNOSTOPOULOS EE” products are provided in good faith and are based on the company’s current knowledge and experience when stored, used and applied under normal conditions.
  • In practice, variations in materials, substrates and on-site implementation conditions are such that no warranty can be given on their merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose, and no liability whatsoever from any legal relationship can be established against the company on the basis of written information, written tips or other forms of instructions provided.
  • All orders are accepted under the company’s terms of sale and delivery. Product users must always refer to the most recent version of the product sheet and product safety sheets, copies of which are given on request.