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Croatia 2019 – World Sailing Championship

The annual world sailing championship was held this year in Croatia from June 1st to June 9th in the town of Sibenik. 112 boats from around the globe, from 12 different countries participated. Like every year, this year as well, our team from Thessaloniki – Marineshop Anagnostopoulos Thessaloniki – competed with the boat TaMumm GRE 1265.

We competed in the ORCI C category, where we won the 26th place overall and 10th place in the Corinthian category of 52 participants in total. Our team, consisting of 11 crew members, started training early in the year, with Costas Trigkonis as a valuable advisor. The crew was created in 2012 and for 7 years has been giving their best selves, with many trainings, challenges, difficulties but also so many joys.

Our worthy sailors have won many awards, including the 3rd place overall and 1st place at Corinthian in the 2018 European Championships, ORCI C category (held in Limassol, Cyprus) and the second place in Porto Karras (Chalkidiki) for the Greek Championship. ORCI C.

Our respectred captain all these years, Antonis Katigiannakis, is active in sailing for 46 years.

Crew: Christos Renjikas, Vasilis Renjikas, Yiannis Katigiannakis, Konstantinos Tsilfidis, Konstantinos Chrisostomidis, Alex Dimitrakopoulos, Nikos Stylianidis, Thanasis Arslanoglou

May the tailwind accompany their wonderful trips

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