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Gel Coat & Paint Dry Cleaner

Made from plant-based degreasers and cleaners with film forming and polishing, protective additives. Manufactured from ingredients chosen for their biodegradability. Enables the removal of dust, grime, and greasy marks and to remove the tarnish haze deposited on gelcoat and painted surfaces. Brings back the shine and revives colours without rubbing. Leaves a water-repellent, protective film on the treated surface which retards grime incrustation and water marks. Ready to use. Just spray on and wipe off with a wet sponge.

500 ml. (spray)

Black Streak Remover

Instantly removes black streaks. Just spray on, let work, wipe and rinse. Safe for paints and gelcoat. Biodegradable product.

1 ltr. (spray)

Yellow Stains Remover

Eliminates quickly and easily yellow stains on the fiberglass and the ship's paintwork without any vapour emissions. It is a jelly. Manufactured from ingredients chosen for their biodegradability and their compatibility with the environment. Use pure. Apply with a paint brush. Let act 10 to 15 minutes and rinse. Very efficient.

1 ltr.

White Epoxy Stick

Epoxy stick easy to use. Makes permanent and emergency repairs on fiberglass, wood, metal and plastic. Just hand knead until color turns white and apply to damaged area. Time of drying approximate 1h30.

63 gr.

Rust Converter for Metals

Removes rust stains and reacts to form protective layer against further corrosion. Non-inflammable. Without rinsing. Biodegradable. Must be diluted before use.

1 ltr.

Powerful Degreaser for Hull and Deck

Removes quickly grease, smoke-marks from gelcoat, paint and plastic. Biodegradable product. Must be diluted before use. Manufactured from ingredients chosen for their biodegradability and their compatibility with the environment. Advised dilution : 5 to 7 cups in 5 litres of water.

1 ltr., 5 ltr.

Concentrated Shampoo for Hull and Deck

Removes grease, tars on gelcoat and painted surfaces. Biodegradable formula. For daily care. Must be diluted before use. Advised dilution : 5 corks for 1 litre of water.

1 ltr.

Water & Salt Stains Remover

Degreases and descales surfaces without scratching. Makes scale soluble. Eliminates traces of water flow, green marks and limescale deposits. Does not exhibit the causticity or aggressiveness of mineral acids or free acids. Returns a shine like new to chrome and stainless surfaces, and to alloys. Biodegradable cleaner according to valid standards Ready to use. Spray directly on the surface. Leave to act for a few seconds, then rinse.

500 ml. (spray)

Cleaner for Plexiglas and Panes of Glass

Cleans and removes grease and all kind of stains from plexiglas and glass. It is a product ready to use. Ensures a very good degreasing of smooth surfaces for a regular maintenance. Leaves a shining film on treated surface. Manufactured from ingredients chosen for their biodegradability and their compatibility with the environment. Ready to use. Just spray on and wipe off with a soft rag.

1 ltr. (spray)

Antifouling Transparent for inflatables, Z-drive and Out Board

A.X.P.1 is a transparent antifouling with acrylic resin specially designed for the inflatable boats. A.X.P.1 is free from metals derived. It can be used on the bases or the propellers. A.X.P.1 contains anti-fungic protective compounds constituting a barrier against incrustation and development of algae and other marine micro-organisms. A.X.P. 1 forms a flexible colourless film on treated surface.

500 ml. (spray)

Rust Remover for Gelcoat and Paint

Removes the run-outs from rust on the gelcoat and painting surfaces. Ready to use. Just spray on, let act a few minutes and rinse.

500 ml. (spray)

White paint that is specially formulated for use on fibreglass (epoxy resin, gelcoat and polyester resin). Quick and easy application saves you time and effort. Fast drying. Good coverage. Not flaked off with time and respects the support's quality namely its texture and its aspect. Resists to ultraviolet rays. It is used as follows : First of all, clean the support to be treated in order to remove stains, dust. Remove non-adherent parts of paint. Let dry and mask the parts to be protected. Shake the aerosol. Pass a first layer of paint while spraying to 20/25 centimetres of the support by sweeping surface regularly. Do it again 2 times : Work in cross layers i.e. the first spray in the horizontal direction. Wait for few minutes that this layer is dry and carry out the second layer in the vertical direction. Treated surface is dry into 20 minutes at a temperature of 20C. To make this task successful, keep the distance between the support and the tube of the aerosol that is about 20/25 centimetres. Especially, do not forget to clean the tube of the aerosol head in bottom at the end of work. Coverage : 2m2.

Colours : White Pur - Cream - Signal White

150 ml. (spray)

Soap for Washing Cotton & Synthetic Fabrics

Specially designed soap for washing cotton and synthetic fibre awnings, biminis and tarpaulins. Acts rapidly without removing the impermeable protective film and leaves a pleasant fresh odour. Eliminates greases, mineral or vegetable oils, mildew or food deposits and carbon stains leaving no trace. 5 to 10 corks of product in 5 litres of water.

1 ltr.

Mildew Remover for Fabric

Removes quickly and effectively mildew stains without rubbing and scrubbing. Eliminates odours. Ready to use. Just spray on. Leave 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse.

500 ml. (spray)

Sailcloth Cleaner

Concentrated washing powder which whitens sailcloth without any damage of the fibre (Dacron, Mylar, Kevlar, Spectra ...) or to the stitching. Does not contain any soda or caustic potash. Removes the dull and gray aspect left by encrusted deposits on sailcloth, cotton, polyester and other synthetic fibres.

1 kgr.

Gel Cleaner of Shells, Algae and Barnacles

Powerfull pickle which contains inhibitors. Removes barnacles, zebra mussels and algae easily. Manufactured from ingredients chosen for their biodegradability and their compatibility with the environment. Product ready to use. Apply with a brush or a roller paint. Let act 20 minutes to several hours. Rinse with a water jet or a water compressor.

500 ml.

Heavy Duty Cleaner of Shells, Algae and Barnacles

Pickle containing corrosion inhibitors. Does not involve any pulling up of metal contrary to an ordinary acid. Ready to use. Dissolves in a few minutes concretions limestones and the shells.

1 ltr. (spray)

Leather Cleaner in Foam

Removes perfectly grease, oil and tar marks on leather products. Cleans without any damage to the stitching. Manufactured from ingredients chosen for their biodegradability and their compatibility with the environment.

150 ml.

Restoring Cream for Leather

Treats leather trough a combination of micro-dispersed cleaning substances and antistactic agents. Makes the leather impermeable. Does not contain any colouring. Prevents leather from drying up and craking.

150 ml.

Bio-cleaning destroying for Fabrics, Alcantara, Carpets

Cleans fibres of carpets and carpetings in velvet, silk and alcantara. Removes stains, inversions of food, fruit juice... Makes it possible to destroy the bad smell at the source while bringing odoriferous final effect of freshness of wood. Manufactured from ingredients chosen for their biodegradability and their compatibility with the environment. Shake the aerosol well before its use. Spray to 15-20 cm of surface to be cleaned. Let it dry or vacuum clean again for the fiber to come back to its original form Aerosol 300 ml.

300 ml.

This kit contains : - 1 x soft shampoo 500ml (Klincare) - 1 x Brightener 500ml (Parbatt') - 1 x Protector 500 ml (Protector Gel) - 1 x micro-fibre wipe - 1 x Sponge.

For Inflatable

Brightens, restores and protects hypalon/neoprene and PVC. Leaves a waterproof protective coating. Free from silicone. ready to use glosser which deposits a hydrophobic protective film delaying the incrustation of the stains and giving back brightness of the treated surface. Degrease and clean the dust beforehand of surface to be treated. Let dry and apply with a nonfluffy dry rag.

500 ml.

Sailcloth Cleaner

BLUE SAIL is an active cleansing foam for sails that cannot be cleaned by immersion. BLUE SAIL comes ready to use. When sails remain on the reefing system for several months, brown or black microscopic algae develop on their exposed parts, causing discolouration. These algae are living organisms made up of plant cells and they propagate at a rate depending on the levels of humidity, air and light. BLUE SAIL has a cleansing algicide action that kills the plant cells and prevents them spreading. In fact, BLUE SAIL will remove all organic deposits. The product comes as an aerosol, and the spray pressure is approximately 2kg, so the expressed foam dampens both sides of the sail.

500 ml. (spray)

Teak Cleaner

Alkaline based cleaner especially developped to clean teak deacks. Remove slimy marks, oil stains whish are harmfull to the natural colour of teak. Cleans the teak, preparing it for BRIGHT TECK which must be applied subsequently. Does not affect the caulking. Very concentrated product which must be diluted before use . Biodegradable.

1 ltr., 5 ltr.

Teak Brightener

Has a very powerful penetrating action, for the second stage in the restoration of teak deck. Should be used immediatly after SUN TECK. Controled acid-based product which uses a combination of active substances to restore teak decks to their natural colour. Does not affect in any way the caulking, the joints, rubber, fiberglass or paint. Removes greyish stains caused by severe weather and salt water. Biodegradable.

1 ltr., 5 ltr.

Teak Oil - Golden Glint

Protects teak and other hard woods against bleaching and fouling for many months. Makes it possible to accentuate the hot tone of teak thanks to its light pigmentation gold, you obtain a wet effect. Penetrates quickly in the wood as it is very fluide.

500 ml., 1 ltr., 5 ltr.

Teak Oil Colorless

Preserves the warm and natural tone of wood. This teak oil is derived from oil-resinous terpenic alkalydes, polymers and natural oils. Protects teak and other hard woods against bleaching and fouling for many months. Does not change the original colour of the wood. Highlights the grain of the wood.

500 ml., 1 ltr., 5 ltr.

Teak Cleaner with Built in Absorber

Alkaline based cleaner especially developped to clean teak deacks. Remove slimy marks, oil stains whish are harmfull to the natural colour of teak. Cleans the teak, preparing it for BRIGHT TECK which must be applied subsequently. Does not affect the caulking. Very concentrated product which must be diluted before use . Biodegradable.

300 ml.

Bilge and Engine Cleaner

European standards. Emulsifying solvent for security. Biodegradable > 99 % - high ignition point. For elimination of mineral oils both crud and refined. No corrosive - no caustic - no toxic Use pur or diluted.

1 ltr., 5 ltr.

Water Purifier for Holding Tanks

Water-soluble bacteriological dosage which eliminates organic elements on a continous basis. Liquefies rapidly all organic waste products - Prevents pipes being blocked - Stops unpleasent odours caused by fermentation. Biodegradable.

Can of 6 doses of 30 gr.

Concentrated Anti-bacterial Purifier for Water Tanks

Concentrated purifier specially developped to reduce and prevent the proliferation of bacteria in water tanks. Does not affect skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Manufactured from ingredients chosen for their biodegradability and their compatibility with the environment. Treatment : 100 ml for 700 litres of water. Free from silver nitrate. Specially for storage.

200 ml.

Biocide Additive for Fuel

Biocid effect. Avoid bacterial mud formation and corrosion scale that block up filters. Prevents combustion additives destruction. Non-flammable and soluble in hydrocarbons fuel oil, diesel oil at recommended concentration. Soluble in water too. Treatment 100 ml for 1000 litres of fuel.

100 ml.

Guard Additive for Fuel

Restricts water rise in fuel during storage. Dissolves mires on the tank bottom. Neutralizes SO2 and CO2. Prevents rust formation in fuel oil-pump, water separators, filters and injectors. Keeps motor clean. Decreases freezing point of - 20 and dissolves paraffin. Treatment 100 ml for 400 litres of fuel.

100 ml.

Additive for Chemical W.C.

Combination of cleaning and penetrating agents chosen for their biodegradability and compatibility wwith envrionment. Components with antiseptic functions, glutaraldehyde-based. Liquefaction and reduction of faecal and organic matter. Neutralisation of bad smells. Bacteriological sanitation guaranteeing perfect hygiene conditions. Product ready to use. Pour 2 quantities of 25 ml in the washbowl.

1 ltr.

Cleaning Fluid for Pipes

Quick acting liquid caustic cleaner which unblocks piping without any attack and without any dismantling being involved. In a few minutes MATT FLOW decomposes and dissolves cellulosic plant derivatives like cotton, fatty and soapy agglomerates, hair and scale deposits of organic origin. Attacks neither rubber, PVC or copper.

1 ltr.

European thread

Blue Colour: soft brush
White Colour: hard brush

Aluminium Handle : 1,20 m.

Telescopic Handle : 0,80 m. - 1,40 m.

For hard scrubbing.

Dimensions : 140 mm x 100 mm x 60 mm

Micro Fiber Wipes

Multipurpse wipes. Ideal for the cleaning and the dust. Can be used on any kind of surface. Do not go fluffy and does not tear. Textile micro-fibre 250 gr/m2.

Leather Chamois

Ancient process of slow tanning in 100% fish oils. Absorb 4 to 7 times its weight in water. It has a double function : it cleans and makes it shine.

Dimensions : 40 x 62 cm

Synthetic Chamois

Before using, rinse the super absorbent in warm water. After using the absorbent clean it with hot soapwater and rinse. Always keep the absorben slightly damp in this box. If tit is dry, just soak it in hot water. Machine Washable. Use no bleach. Easy glide surface.

Size : 430 mm x 325 mm

Washing System Deck Brush

Brightener Wipes

Cleans and renovates simultaneously stainless and composite materials. Leave a hydrophobic film and delays the incrustation of stains. Eliminates water spots.

Box of 100 wipes.

Marine Grease special for Winches

Grease especially intended for lubricaton of materials immersed or in contact with sea water. Grease perfectly adapted for the lubrication of winches, naked stage, gears, cables, chains which are subjected to strong loads and salted water projections. Very good quality anti-wear and extreme pressure. Excellent oxidation resistance.

125 ml., 250 ml., 500 ml.

Marine Grease with Teflon (PTFE)

White grease with the following properties: Anti-wear and tear - Extreme pressure - Anticorrosion. The advantages of G.R.T grease. are as follows: Absence of toxic contamination. Good mecanical and thermal stability (High drop point). Resistance to steam, to water leaching and good anticorrosion protection. Properties: Extreme pressure and Anti-wear and tear without toxic additive.

100 ml.

Humidity Extractor

Waterproof product that protects your electrical or electronic equipment. It removes any humidity present so the equipment functions at its best. Leaves a long-lasting, protective film that protects the treated area. Is ideal for cleaning electrical or electronic items. Protects all types of connection against the corrosion caused by a salt-laden atmosphere: - High and low voltage, - VHV ignition, UHF/VHF, antenna bases, coaxial outlets. Avoids start-up striking problems, electrical losses and short circuits. Both prevents and cures. It returns the devices' dielectric constants and characteristics to their initial values, even when water is present.

150 ml. (spray)

Protective Grease for Battery with Built-in Indicator

Contains a built-in inidcator which automatically detects acid surpluses while colouring itself red sharp at the time of detection. Prolongs the life of batteries and protects them. Elimination of muds, grease and corrosion. Prevention of a future corrosion.

150 ml. (spray)

Degreasing Dielectric Electronic System Solvent

Degreaser of electronic equipment and delicate systems. This solvent, dislodges, disperses and dissolves grime, oils, fats and other dirt present. It is compatible with most plastic materials, resins and elastomers used in components and electronic circuitry. Evaporates very quickly without the need for dismantling and has a dielectric power greater than 31,000 volts.

150 ml. (spray)

Protective Plastic Film

Leaves a resistant, transparent and flexible film over the item treated. Resists external attack from atmospheric sulphur, chlorinated water, oils, salt spray, alcohols and acids. It is a good dielectric, withstanding over 100,000 volts/mm. Protects against humidity. Can be applied to any surface. Dries quickly, in 5 - 15 minutes depending on the surface. It ceases to be tacky in air after 30 minutes. PROPLAST protects surfaces, engines, hoses, cables, stainless steel and anodised aluminium, and returns their appearance to new.

150 ml. (spray)

Teflon Dry Lubricant Spray

Heavy duty P.T.FE. formula. Protection and nonfatty lubrication of the mechanical sets, articulations, slides, winchs, bar rudder, cranks, pulleys. Prevents salt, sand and water adherence. Stops squeaks.

150 ml. (spray)

Storage Oil for Engines

STORE ENGINE OIL lubricates and protects internal engine components during storage. STORE ENGINE OIL prevents rust and corrosion when storing inboard or outboard engines is for an extended period of time. STORE ENGINE OIL is used as follows : Remove the air filter. Spray 15 to 20 seconds into the air intake while making turn the engine until it stops.

150 ml.

Storage Protection for Out-Board Engines

Gives optimum storage protection for outboard motors. Protects outboard motors against corrosion and oxidation, resulting from the aggressive saline atmosphere, Having hydrophobic characteristics, repels the humidity responsible for oxidation and corrosion. Deposits a non-brittle protective film on the surface.

150 ml.

Waterproofing for Rain-awnings, Boat Covers, Tops, Clothes

Waterproofing for synthetic or cotton fabric. Keeps the fabric waterproof and breathable. Prevents rot and mildew stains. Does not contain silicon. Insoluble in water. Does not change color of fabric. Always use pure.

500 ml.

Wind Screen Treatment

Leaves a durable ultra thin film, invisible, with very high level characteristics of "unwetability" and adherence resistance. Prevents the formation of a water film. Rain or spray pearl as one sails, increasing the visibility du helmsman. Does not cause any alteration in wiper blades, in seals or chrome. Effective for about 2 months according the frequency of use of the wipers.

200 ml.

Titanium & Teflon Polish

TI. O2 renovates perfectly fibreglass and paints. TI. O2 contains Titanium and PTFE that makes it possible to bring back shine and potection. TI.02 leaves an hydrophobic film on the treated surface. TI.O2 is a safety system against chimicals or salines attacks. Can of 400 ml. Coverage power for 400 ml : 8 m2.

500 ml.

Stainless Steel Cleaner & Rust Remover

Removes in one treatment rust spots on all stainless steel components : pulpits, ladders, davits, etc. As it is a gel, it is easy to cover all surfaces, both horizontal and vertical. Triple action rust remover : decarbonizes, degreases and protects.

300 gr.

Protector for Stainless Steel

Is a glosser ready to use. Leaves a protecting film on the stainless steel surface. Protects against rust and oxidation. It gives back shinning on treated surface. Spray on stainless steel. Apply with a rag on a clean and dry surface. Let dry.

500 ml.

Copper Brightener

Is a textured preparation that cleans and emulsifies, using selected micronized surfactants and bulking agents. Has a mechanical micro-polishing action that lifts deposits and removes them from copper and brass without scratching - so it cleans, de-oxidises and renovates with no rubbing. Renovates copper and brass efficiently by removing verdigris from cuprous metals, and traces of oxidation from brass. Restores its original sheen to the treated surface. Leaves a protective film on the renovated surface. This inhibits soiling by reducing spattering from water, grease, dust and other materials that cause surface tarnishing or oxidation, or that corrode the metal.

200 ml.

Plexiglas Polish

Cleans and polishes plexiglass - polycarbonate. Removes scratches and meduim oxidation. Apply manually with a smooth cloth, rub all over, wait a few seconds, polish evenly and finish with a clean cloth.

200 ml.

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