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3M Imperial Compound and Finishing Material has a fast cut and leaves an excellent finish without swirl marks. This liquid compound and finishing material is designed to remove a P600 or P800 dual action sand scratch from gel coat, with a wool pad. Designed to be used with an air or electric buffer equipped with 3M Compounding Buff Pads.

Product Code: 6044
Packaging: 1ltr.

This paste compound is designed to quickly remove P800 dual action or P1000 wet sanding scratches from production gelcoats. This compound contains no wax or silicone and leaves a high gloss finish without swirl/wheel marks. It has a unique formulation which reduces slinging while buffing. Best results are obtained when used with a 3M Superbuff Pad or Hookit Compounding Pad on a slow-speed polisher (1500-2500 RPM). Follow with 3M Marine Finesse-it II Finishing Material for a clean and high-gloss finish.

Product Code: 6025
Packaging: 4,3 kgr.

This premium compound has a unique formulation which aggressively removes sanding scratches in tooling gelcoats (P800 or finer discs with soft interface, P1000 or finer 3M Wetordry sheets), reducing sanding and compounding time while saving money. It contains no wax or silicone. Follow with 3M Marine Finesse-it II Finishing Material for a clean and high gloss finish.

Product Code: 6027
Packaging: 4,3 kgr. (paste)

3M Finesse-it Marine Paste compound - White is designed specifically for aggresive compounding of gelcoated fibreglass surfaces. This product is well suited for boat reconditioning of heavily oxidized surfaces/finishes. This product is also well suited for removing P800 sand scratches on production gelcoats. White color reduces the potential for staining of light-colored boats. Has long-working time, requiring less compound to be used per application.

Product Code: 6039
Packaging: 4,3 kgr. (paste)

Recommended for heavy aggressive compounding of oxidized gelcoat and marine paint. Clings to paint and gelcoated surfaces - remains wet on the job with little or no mess. Maintains high rate of cut with constant pressure. Buffs to high gloss with minimum of swirl marks. Can be used by hand or by machine. Contains no wax or silicone.

Product Code: 9004
Packaging: 500ml.

Finesse-it II Finishing Material is designed for use on topside paint systems and gelcoat to remove swirl marks after compounding, while leaving a glazed finish. This finishing liquid is the final finishing step recommended after the use of 3M Marine Compounds (6044, 6025, 6027, 9004).

Product Code: 9048
Packaging: 500ml.

The Finesse-It Finishing Liquid is designed for use on topside paint systems and gelcoat to remove swirl marks after compounding, while leaving a glazed finish. Also suggested as a final step in acrylic plastic reconditioning.

Product Code: 9639
Packaging: 1000ml.

A fast acting finer compound sharing the same 3M formulation chemistry as Perfect-it III Fast Cut Compound. Ideal for removing light oxidation, overspray, minor scratches and blend lines. Apply using the 3M Perfect-it III Compounding Pad 09550.

- Removes fine scratches faster.

- For HS, MS or OEM paints

- Minimal sling, high gloss finish

Product Code: 9375
Packaging: 1000ml.

A new fine finish compound designed specifically for modern scratch resistant clear coat paint systems. Also excellent as a single compound/polish product for standard 2 pack paint systems. Used in conjunction with two accessories - a wool buff giving high cut rate followed by a foam pad for excellent finish.

Product Code: 80349
Packaging: 1000 ml.

The Perfect-It III Machine Polish can be used for Marine Paint Systems. Perfect-It III Machine Polish is primarily designed for machine application but can be used by hand. Apply by DA to save time and effort. This liquid produces a high-gloss, deep-luster durable finish.

Product Code: 9376
Packaging: 1000ml.

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